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The HaBO Village Podcast

Why We Believe in YOU as a Leader [Podcast]

May 26, 2020

Episode 109Michael and Kathryn take the time to encourage you and remind you that you are not alone in the midst of this season of COVID-19. As leaders, the best thing you can do in the hard times is to think back to all the moments you thought...

Tips for Remote Teams During COVID-19 [Podcast]

April 24, 2020

Episode 105: Michael and Kathryn are back to share more tips for business leaders during this season of COVID-19. Many businesses are finding it challenging to operate right now, especially if they have to manage their teams remotely. If you are...

4 Crisis Communication Tips for Business Leaders [Podcast]

April 6, 2020

Episode 103: Michael and Kathryn share their recommended communication strategy during times of crisis. If you have employees or clients that you are stewarding right now, knowing these 4 types of communication pathways will help you maneuver...

4 Strategic Things Your Company Needs to Do Right Now [Podcast]

March 27, 2020

Episode 102: Michael and Kathryn get very real about the challenges business leaders are facing during this crisis and break down the 4 strategies that will help you navigate chaotic waters. If you are feeling lonely, confused, or fearful right...

How to Lead in Times of Crisis [Podcast]

March 24, 2020

Episode 101: Michael and Kathryn talk about what it means to lead in times of crisis and share how they've been caring for their team during the COVID-19 pandemic. As business leaders, you will face many levels of challenges during this season,...

What to Focus On When You Experience Idea Overload [Podcast]

February 21, 2020

Episode 98: Michael and Kathryn talk about what you can do when your rapid-fire thinking starts to overwhelm you. If you feel like your thoughts and ideas sometimes fire at a machine-gun-like pace, and you want tips on how to slow down, achieve...

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