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4 Strategic Things Your Company Needs to Do Right Now [Podcast]

March 27, 2020

Episode 102: Michael and Kathryn get very real about the challenges business leaders are facing during this crisis and break down the 4 strategies that will help you navigate chaotic waters. If you are feeling lonely, confused, or fearful right...

How to Lead in Times of Crisis [Podcast]

March 24, 2020

Episode 101: Michael and Kathryn talk about what it means to lead in times of crisis and share how they've been caring for their team during the COVID-19 pandemic. As business leaders, you will face many levels of challenges during this season,...

Celebrating 100 Episodes [Podcast]

March 13, 2020

Episode 100: Michael and Kathryn celebrate their 100th episode by asking each other 10 important (and hilarious) questions. Things get pretty silly. Join us for some highly contagious laughter in this exuberant 100th podcast episode!

Stories of Passion & Provision (And Why Michael Refused to Mow a Neighbor's Lawn) [Podcast]

March 3, 2020

Episode 99: In this episode, do Michael and Kathryn start off talking about how they recorded an audio book but soon find themselves telling childhood stories about lawn-mowing? Yes. Does it all relate back to the most common problems small...

What to Focus On When You Experience Idea Overload [Podcast]

February 21, 2020

Episode 98: Michael and Kathryn talk about what you can do when your rapid-fire thinking starts to overwhelm you. If you feel like your thoughts and ideas sometimes fire at a machine-gun-like pace, and you want tips on how to slow down, achieve...

Time Management Tips to Help You Win the Day [Podcast]

February 4, 2020

Episode 97: Michael and Kathryn share tips for better time management. If you find yourself struggling to get everything done in a day or during your week and want some practical tips to help you improve efficiency and build resilience, then give...

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