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The Power of Your Unique Value - With Guest, Omar Zenhom [Podcast]

Episode 186: Michael and Kathryn interview Omar Zenhom, podcast host and business coach, about his entrepreneurial journey and the lasting impact of his $100 MBA show. If you need some encouragement today about how you can leverage your unique value, make an impact, and leave a legacy with your business, then give this episode a listen.

portrait of Omar Zenhom and Michael and Kathryn Redman

In This Episode You Will...

  • Discover how Omar realized his skills in teaching were what would be the key to developing impactful content.

  • Find out why having a big 'why' for your company makes all the difference.

  • Get Omar's take on what makes a business coaching program legitimately effective and worth your time.

“Sometimes you think that your skills or experience isn't special, but in fact in a different market or environment, it's VERY special."

- Omar Zenhom


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