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The 7 Levels of Successful Business Growth [Podcast]

Episode 194: Michael and Kathryn outline the 7 levels of business growth so you can take your company from its early beginnings all the way to the point where you can sell it. If you feel stuck in the direction or growth of your business, give this episode a listen. 

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In This Episode You Will...

  • Discover the 7 levels you need to move through to be able to sell your business (including getting your first 10 customers and upgrading your internal operating systems).

  • Find out why doubling your pay might be your next move.

  • Get insights into whether or not you should ultimately sell your company or not.

“This is a framework of how to think about what it would look like, strategically, to start a business and take it all the way to selling it."
- Kathryn Redman

Download the leadership growth scorecard


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