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The 2 Key Characteristics of a Good Leader [Podcast]

Episode 131: Michael and Kathryn talk about the 2 main characteristics of a good leader: being self-defined and being a non-anxious presence. Business leaders will always impact those around them (negatively or positively), so find out if your current behavior fits the definition of good leadership by giving this episode a listen.

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In This Episode You Will...

  • Discover how to do a quick check to see if your behavior matches that of a good leader
  • Get Michael and Kathryn's personal insights on being a self-defined leader
  • Learn how to assess if you have an anxious presence and get tips on how to maintain your calm
“The only way you can maintain a self-defined, non-anxious presence, is by making sure you rest and spend time processing what's happening in life."
- Kathryn Redman

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Bob Johansen, Futurist.

Episode 130: Dealing With Complexity - Why It's Not Business as Usual


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