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Get a Grip: That Moment When You Have to Work with Millennials [Podcast]

Episode 38: In this episode, Michael and Kathryn discuss the demographic of current 18 to 35 year-olds, commonly referred to as 'Millennials.' Should you believe stereotypes that say every Millennial you encounter in the workplace is a narcissist with poor communication skills? Or should you take a step back and acknowledge that every generation over the past century needed time to mature and develop professionally? Give this episode a listen to get tips for how to think about and effectively work with younger generations.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Common stereotypes surrounding Millennials.

  • The behavioral trends of young people over the last century.

  • 3 key things to consider when interacting with or mentoring Millennials in your Passion & Provision Company.

  • The 5 core things to do when directly supervising a Millennial.

  • Practical ways to shift your thinking when dealing with Millennials.


"Common sense isn't as common as we all think it is."

– Michael Redman



Every Every Every Generation Has Been the Me Me Me Generation (Article by Elspeth Reeve)


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