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Stories of Passion & Provision (And Why Michael Refused to Mow a Neighbor's Lawn) [Podcast]

Episode 99: In this episode, do Michael and Kathryn start off talking about how they recorded an audio book but soon find themselves telling childhood stories about lawn-mowing? Yes. Does it all relate back to the most common problems small business owners face when running their companies? You bet it does! Treat yourself to a healthy dose of inspiration by giving this episode a listen.

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In This Episode You Will...

  • Discover the 2 evils holding most business owners back.
  • Find out why Michael and Kathryn consider meaningful work one of the keys to avoiding burnout.
  • Learn how passion and provision strategies will help keep your employees from sleepwalking at work.
“It's like a vaccine... This recipe helps make a more resilient company that can fight off both financial and emotional challenges."
– MIchael K. Redman

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