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How to Move Your Business Forward in an Uncertain World [Podcast]

Episode 161: Michael and Kathryn have an open discussion about new ventures they are trying and the challenges that come with them. In today's uncertain and polarized world, growing a business can often be tough and stressful. If you are experiencing anxiety about the future of your business, get encouragement and time-tested tips in this episode.

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In This Episode You Will...

  • Discover how Michael and Kathryn manage pivoting in their businesses during difficult times.

  • Find out why you need to stop and smell the flowers daily to help lower stress and anxiety.

  • Get tips for handling VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) in your life and business in the context of a polarized world.

“Sometimes, one of the best times to start a business is during the lows. Buy low, sell high."

- Michael Redman


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