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How to Double the Productivity of Your Team - Part 2 [Podcast]

Episode 196: Michael and Kathryn outline proven ways you can invest in your team so ultimately, they become more productive. Discover how to strategically leverage the power of courses, trainings, book clubs and even personal development coaches. A great listen for all business owners, leaders and managers, looking for fresh employee development ideas with long term impact.

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In This Episode You Will...

  • Discover what employee development methods have had the longest impact for Michael and Kathryn.

  • Find out which books Michael and Kathryn had their team read that inspired and positively changed their behavior.

  • Uncover how personal development assessments and inventories improve team cohesion as well as spark personal growth.

“Whenever we invest in personal growth and development, what we're actually doing is we are helping an employee grow in ways that impact their energy and capacity to do good work."
- Kathryn Redman

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