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3 Tips for Company Productivity [Podcast]

Episode 191: Michael and Kathryn share 3 tips for company productivity. It can be hard for business owners to learn to delegate as well as truly assess if their employees are in the best roles for their skills and talents. Help your employees thrive and become better independent problem-solvers by giving this episode a listen.

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In This Episode You Will...

  • Discover how to tell if you have 'the right people on the bus', and if they are 'in the right seats' (a great metaphor for telling if your team is thriving in the right roles at your company or not).

  • Find out if you're using the 10-80-10 rule in your training and delegation of tasks.

  • Understand how the 1-3-1 rule can turn your team into an army of problem solvers.

“Part of your role as the business owner is to stop solving problems for your employees- and it's not easy, because you probably DO have a solution." - Kathryn Redman


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