3 Predictions for Marketing in 2021

By Michael K. Redman

As we move into 2021 it’s important for me to remember that the roller coaster of 2020 is not over. The car has not come to a complete stop and we should definitely keep our arms and legs inside the car, lest they become separated from our bodies. As we look into the next year I see three things that will be worth paying attention to as marketers and business leaders.

1.  Turmoil Brings Opportunity

This year is going to be full of unknowns and continued turmoil as the world contends with a virus that has changed the way so many people do business. This is the time to push on the gas and take advantage of markets that have been disrupted for you and your clients.

I believe that being overly cautious in 2021 by just watching to see what will happen will only put you behind the next wave - it will make you a better commentator but won't make you money. 

We started our company 18 years ago coming off the dot com crash, survived the great recession, and built our thriving pet food company. It’s out of these times of turmoil and disruption that opportunities start to show up for those that have eyes to see, ears to hear and the guts to take action.

2.  Increase in People's B.S. Meters 

Because people are scared and turmoil is everywhere, there will be an increase in marketers doing evil and taking advantage of people's vulnerability. Gimmicks and short-term fixes will become less and less effective.

The real money will be in our ability as marketers to practice the long game and find the messages that demonstrate we and the companies we serve really care. Sincerity will be more important than ever.

People WANT to buy products and services that really work and from companies (humans) that really care about their success and well-being. It will be harder and harder to cut through the noise -- but we can do it.

3.  Absolute Necessity to Double Down on the Fundamentals

We need to stop thinking that a better way to sell is around the corner. There will always be great ideas that shape and change marketing for the better, but as they say, there's nothing new under the sun. 

I believe that the internet didn’t replace TV and radio, it just became the new place to find TV and radio. In the same way good creative writing, frequency and repetition will always change a marketing campaign from mediocre to awesome no matter what the delivery method. We need to go back to sharpening those tools because in the end we are in the business of persuasion that causes people to buy and grow the bottom line.

The year 2020 has been devastating for some and profitable for others. We have been fortunate to be in the latter category and are planning to stay there.

[Photo by Krissana Porto on Unsplash]

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