The Origin of HaBO Village

About Michael and Kathryn Redman

Kathryn and Michael K. Redman are sweethearts, best friends, and the husband-and-wife team behind HaBO Village and the Passion & Provision® strategy, as well as Half a Bubble Out, a marketing and business consulting firm. They’re also the co-authors of Fulfilled: The Passion & Provision Strategy for Building a Business with Profit, Purpose & Legacy.

Michael and Kathryn have been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, built multiple 7 figure companies, been visiting professors at multiple universities, are frequent guest speakers, and are the creators and co-hosts of the HaBO Village Podcast. For over 19 years, they’ve helped business leaders grow their companies through marketing, business coaching, and leadership development. They currently reside in their hometown of Chico, California, where they love going to work every day.