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Michael and Kathryn RedmanAbout Michael and Kathryn Redman

Michael and Kathryn Redman are creators of HaBO Village, a membership website that helps leaders build Passion & Provision® companies full of profit and joy. For more than 17 years, as co-founders of Half a Bubble Out Marketing, they’ve helped business leaders locally, nationally and internationally grow their companies through traditional and digital marketing, business coaching, and leadership development, making millions of dollars for their clients across industries such as property management, medical, agriculture, and various non-profits. 

Michael and Kathryn also founded an international e-commerce company in the pet industry that has grown 3X a year since 2014; taught a master’s class in marketing at Simpson University; are 4-time Telly Award winners for video and television commercial production; and their agency is a Certified Partner of The ASK Method, Digital Marketer and HubSpot.

As business leaders, Michael and Kathryn believe you can’t get to clarity alone. They live this out by offering perspective and strategic direction, helping organizations like yours to find clarity in all 6 Areas of Business. 

Michael and Kathryn value trust and believe the two key components of trust are:

  • Competence- the capabilities, talents, attitudes, skills, knowledge and style someone uses to produce results.
  • Character - if a person is honest or not; it’s not just about telling the truth, but about being congruent with who they are and what they believe.

It is an honor to provide business consulting, coaching and training to organizations and Michael and Kathryn are willing to take the necessary time to understand their needs; helping them grow in a holistic and sustainable way so that they can serve others, contribute to the community and leave a legacy.

There are many pieces and parts to building a business that is full of Passion & Provision® and HaBO Village was built to guide you through the process to ensure your organization’s success. 


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